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  • Nawaz Sharif, Maryam to meet lawyers at Adiala jail today
    ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam Nawaz are scheduled to meet their counsels today at Adiala jail, where the duo is currently imprisoned in Avenfield reference case. Nawaz’s counsel Khawaja Haris and Maryam’s lawyer Amjad Pervaiz will meet their clients at 11 a.m. A pre-arranged meeting between... Read more »
  • Election candidate commits suicide in Faisalabad
    FAISALABAD: Mirza Mohammad Mughal, an independent candidate in the upcoming general elections, reportedly committed suicide, Geo News reported on Saturday.Mughal, a candidate from from the National Assembly constituency NA-103 and Punjab Assembly constituency PP-103, shot himself dead.Motive behind the alleged suicide was yet to be known.  According to laws, election... Read more »
  • ECP links foul language case to Khattak’s election result
    Election Commission of Pakistan on Saturday, July 21, 2018, linked the election result of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Pervez Khattak to the verdict of a case against him for using foul language in speeches. Photo: File      ISLAMABAD:...... Read more »
  • Some countries buying Russian gear deserve sanctions waivers: Mattis
    US Defense Secretary James Mattis. Photo: ReutersUS Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday spoke in support of waivers for sanctions being imposed against nations buying military gear from Russia.The move comes amid concerns that imposing...... Read more »
  • Verdict in ephedrine quota case against Hanif Abbasi to be announced today
    A special court conducting the narcotics smuggling trial against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hanif Abbasi and others is set to conclude the case today (Saturday). A day earlier, Judge Mohammad Akram Khan had rejected Abbasi's plea to delay the trial's deadline, noting that it has to follow orders of the... Read more »
  • ECP details voting method on polling day
    The Election Commission of Pakistan has outlined the voting method for the General Election 2018 — to be held on July 25 nationwide. According to the electoral body, the ballot paper for the National Assembly will be green while white paper will be used for the provincial assemblies. A total of 220... Read more »
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  • Still births are caused by secondhand smoke
    Washington DC, [USA] July 21 (ANI): In developing countries around the world especially in Asia, secondhand smoke causes thousands of still births every year. Exposure to secondhand smoke during pregn... Read more »
  • Pakistan troops kill IS-linked blast mastermind
    Pakistani security forces on Friday killed the mastermind of the country's worst ever suicide bombing in an early morning shootout in the southwest province of Balochistan, officials said.The... Read more »

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  • Dollar surges to new high of Rs130 in open market
    [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/b3e626549733ed52044a3d98dbc82d7b.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8yMC8yMDE4IDk6MDU6MjggQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1DRnZGa0x0MHIrQzU4WnlUVXhyc2xRPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...... Read more »
  • CBI charges former Indian finance minister Chidambaram over telecoms deal
    P Chidambaram is a senior Congress leader. Photo: File NEW DELHI: The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has charged former finance minister P Chidambaram with abuse of his official position and criminal conspiracy over the approval of a...... Read more »
  • Mobilizing local resources imperative for sustainable economic stability: Dr. Shamshad
    Caretaker Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar said Friday that mobilization of local resources was imperative to ensure macroeconomic stability, sustainable growth and development of the country. Speaking at the inaugural session of summer camp organized by Pakistan Tax Bar Association and Lahore Tax Bar Association, the minister said that revenues played... Read more »
  • PBC delegation meets Finance Minister
    A delegation of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) led by Ehsan Malik and Bashir Ali Mohammad met Finance Minister, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar here on Thursday. The meeting was attended by Secretaries of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, Ministry of Energy and Chairperson Federal Board of Revenue... Read more »
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  • Sri Lanka's famed Galle cricket stadium faces stumps
    The Galle stadium in the south of the island is hallowed among cricket fans the world over because of its stunning setting next to a 17th century Dutch fort. PHoto: AFP2COLOMBO: England could be the last team to... Read more »
  • Feeling the heat: Tokyo preps for sweltering Summer Olympics
    This photo taken on July 18, 2018 shows an electronic thermometer showing the temperature exceeding 40 degrees Centigrade (104 F) during a media tour at the construction site for the new National Stadium, venue for the upcoming Tokyo... Read more »
  • Asian Champions Trophy: Pakistan to play against India on October 20
    The Asian Hockey Federation has announced the draws for this year’s Asian Champions Trophy which will be played in Oman from 18th to 28th October. Teams from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Oman will be in action during this 10 days event, which also has the approval of hockey’s global... Read more »
  • Caribbean Premier League: Shoaib Malik to lead Guyana Amazon Warriors
    Caribbean Premier League team Guyana Amazon Warriors have appointed Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik as their captain for the 2018 Caribbean Premier League which runs from 8 August to 16 September 2018. Malik, a veteran of 103 T20 internationals and 264 ODIs, has had previous captaincy experience as leader of his national team,... Read more »
  • Mustafizur forbidden from playing in T20 leagues
    DHAKA: Injury-prone Bangladesh fast bowler Mustafizur Rahman will not be allowed to participate in overseas domestic T20 tournaments for the next two years, Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan said on Friday.Nazmul voiced his opinion when his attention was drawn towards the ongoing series against West Indies in the Caribbean... Read more »
  • Ramanathan, Smyczek advance to ATP Newport semi-finals
    NEW YORK: India’s Ramkumar Ramanathan and American Tim Smyczek, each hoping to reach his first ATP singles final, advanced to the semi-finals of the Hall of Fame Open grasscourt tournament Thursday.Ramanathan surrendered only seven points on his first serve over 78 minutes in defeating Canada’s Vasek Pospisil 7-5, 6-2 and... Read more »

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  • Pakistani Qawwal Haji Ameer Subjected To Torture In London
    Renowned Pakistani Qawwal Haji Ameer Khan was severely beaten by an unknown man on Thursday in East London’s Green Street area. According to Ameer’s daughter Saleena, a black man attacked her father who fell down on the ground after receiving wounds to his body, his eye was severely damaged.She told media... Read more »
  • Recovery from Saba Qamar: FBR
    The Federal Board of Revenue recovered 3,62,000 from Saba. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has summoned actress Saba Qamar for tax evasion. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recovered 3,62,000  from well-known artist Saba Qamar. Saba Qamar is summoned as FBR found difference in her filed income taxes. Income taxes of Saba filed for 2014-15... Read more »
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  • Alternative cancer therapies linked to reduced survival
    Cancer patients who use alternative therapies may be more likely to shun conventional treatments and risk their chances of survival, research suggests. A study of 1,290 patients in the US found people who received such therapies often refused life-saving care such as chemotherapy or surgery. Fewer of them survived five years after... Read more »
  • Bulgaria reports another case of ovine rinderpest
    Bulgaria reported on Thursday another case of the highly contagious Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) close to the border with Turkey. The virus, which can infect up to 90 percent of an animal herd but does not infect humans, was found in the small town of Bolyarovo, the Bulgarian food and... Read more »


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  • فخر زمان: اوول کی سنچری سے بلاوایو کی ڈبل سنچری تک
    21 سال قبل ایک پاکستانی اوپنر نے روایتی حریف انڈیا کے خلاف ایک ایسی اننگز کھیلی، جسے آج تک یاد رکھا جاتا ہے کیونکہ ایک روزہ میچوں میں اس سے قبل کسی بھی بلے باز نے اتنا بڑا انفرادی سکور نہیں بنایا تھا۔... Read more »
  • راہل کی جپھی اور آنکھ مارنا کتنا معنی خیز؟
    کانگریس کے صدر راہل گاندھی کی جپھی نے وزیر اعظم نریندر مودی کو تھوڑی دیر کے لیے حیران کر دیا اور جب تک وہ سنبھلتے راہل میدان مار چکے تھے جس کا اظہار انھوں نے آنکھ مار کر کیا۔... Read more »
  • واشنگٹن ڈائری: بٹے ہوئے امریکی معاشرے کی تصویر مزید پختہ
    نسل کی بنیاد ہر بٹّے ہوئے امریکی معاشرے کی تصویر مذید پختہ تو ہوتی ہے مگر ساتھ ساتھ یہ بھی سوال اٹھاتی ہیں کہ آخر یہاں نومبر میں ہونے والے وسط مدتی انتخابات میں اونٹ کس کروٹ بیٹھے گا؟... Read more »
  • جھانوی کپور نے ایکٹنگ کرنے کا فیصلہ کب کیا؟
    جھانوی کپور نے ایکٹنگ کرنے کا فیصلہ کب کیا، سوشل میڈیا پر ٹرول پر وہ کیا کہتی ہیں، رنبیر کپور کس طرح کی فلمیں کرنا چاہتے ہیں اورتاپسی پنوں نے فلم ’ملک‘ کرنے کا فیصلہ کیوں کیا؟... Read more »
  • چین، اسرائیل کے گہرے ہوتے تجارتی روابط
    اسرائیل اگرچہ امریکہ کا ایک بڑا اتحادی ہے لیکن یہ چین کے ساتھ ماضی کے مقابلے میں کہیں زیادہ تجارتی روابط بڑھا رہا ہے۔... Read more »
  • مسلمان اپنی حب الوطنی کیوں ثابت کریں: ابھینو سنہا
    بالی وڈ ڈائری میں فلم ملک کے ہدایت کار کے خیالات کے علاوہ رام گوپال کے ارادے اور سری دیوی کی بیٹی جھانوی کا اپنی پہلی فلم کے موقعے پر اپنی والدہ کو یاد کرنا شامل ہے۔... Read more »
  • انتخابات میں انڈیا سے تعلقات کیوں موضوع نہیں بن سکے؟
    پاکستان میں انتخابی سرگرمیوں میں تیزی آ رہی ہے اور اس دوران مختلف مسائل پر بحث ہو رہی ہے لیکن اس دوران اگر ذکر نہیں ہوتا تو انڈیا کے ساتھ تعلقات کا۔... Read more »
  • سوچا نہیں تھا ون ڈے میں ڈبل سنچری بناؤں گا: فخر زمان
    پاکستانی کرکٹ ٹیم کے اوپننگ بیٹسمین فخر زمان زمبابوے کے خلاف تاریخ ساز اننگز کھیلنے پر بہت خوش ہیں لیکن ساتھ ہی وہ یہ بھی تسلیم کرتے ہیں کہ انھوں نے ون ڈے انٹرنیشنل میں ڈبل سنچری کے بارے میں سوچا نہیں تھا۔... Read more »
  • ٹرانسجینڈر امیدوار بھی انتخابی میدان میں سرگرم
    نایاب علی پر تیزاب پھینکا گیا تھا تاہم اب وہ 25 جولائی کو منعقد ہونے والے پاکستان کے عام انتخابات میں حصہ لینے والے ٹرانسجینڈر امیدواروں میں سے ایک ہیں۔... Read more »
  • دنیا کے ’تنہا ترین انسان‘ کی ویڈیو سامنے آ گئی
    برازیل کے جنگلوں میں رہنے والے ایسے شخص کی ویڈیو منظرِ عام پر آئی ہے جو اپنے قبیلے کا آخری فرد بچا ہے اور پچھلے 22 سال سے مکمل طور پر تنہا زندگی گزار رہا ہے۔... Read more »
  • سات ماہ کی گمشدگی کے بعد سماجی کارکن رضا خان گھر لوٹ آئے
    اسلام آباد میں دیے گئے متنازع دھرنے کے موضوع پر ہونے والی ایک بحث میں شرکت کے بعد لاہور سے لاپتہ ہونے والے سماجی کارکن رضا خان سات ماہ بعد گھر واپس پہنچ گئے۔... Read more »


  • Tourism promotion top priority of PTDC
    Islamabad : General Manager of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Ali Akbar Malik has said that development and promotion of tourism in the country is the... Read more »
  • Sleep apnea
    There’s no routine blood test to detect sleep apnea, and it may well be missed during a routine medical visit.But left untreated, sleep apnea can... Read more »


  • MMA pledges to eradicate oppressive customs against women
    The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, an alliance of religio-political parties contesting general elections, has pledged to strengthen laws to eradicate honour killings and other gender discriminatory practices... Read more »
  • Four members of banned outfit held
    Officials of the Sindh Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on Friday claimed to have arrested four members of a banned outfit involved in facilitating terrorists.CTD In-charge... Read more »


  • Boys bag top positions in Lahore Board matric exam
    LAHORE: The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore, on Friday announced the position holders of Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) Annual Examination 2018, according... Read more »
  • ?Pakistani pilgrims getting best facilities?
    LAHORE: The Pakistan official Haj scheme is with lowest price in the region and best facilities are being provided to the pilgrims under the scheme.Best... Read more »



  • Mars dust storm transform the entire planet
    As the planet-encircling dust storm rages on, NASA has released "before and after" video footage of the planet that shows how completely different it looks, now that it's covered in a fine brown haze. The stunning Mars glow up (I'm calling it a glow up, it looks incredible!) comes courtesy of... Read more »
  • Dialogue on the Future of U.S.-Russia Nuclear Cooperation
    NTI has partnered with the Russian Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) to launch a high-level dialogue on the future of US-Russia nuclear cooperation. The dialogue brings together leading nuclear experts from the United States and Russia to develop a menu of practical proposals for future cooperation in five thematic... Read more »